​​​Some of today's laws may not be as popular as some from the past, however, it is the concern that we do not regress but move forward and make these bills work for mankind.

The "Affordable Care Act"

...We must do whatever we can do to make it affordable and available to all Americans.

The "Common Core Act"

Basic common teaching among all the states to give a balance in education

...now, in my humble opinion, you can still teach other areas such as Plato, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, etc.

About the Border

...Build a wall and check all requesting access.

The wall of China is over 13,000 miles long.

Do you like Social Security?

Thank a Democrat...Introduced in 1935 by Franklin D. Roosevelt/Francis Perkins

Do you like Medicare/Medicaid?

Thank a Democrat...Pushed by Harry Truman, JFK, signed into law by Lyndon Johnson 1965

Do you like "Minimum Wage"?

Thank a Democrat...Fair Labor Standards Act 1938

                                  (Senator Hugo Black original introduction 1932)

                                ...Francis Perkins Secretary of Labor under F.D.R.                                 introduced the:National Labor Relations Act...

Do you like "Fair Labor Standards Act"?

Thank a Democrat...Introduced in 1938 by Senator Hugo Black. This piece of legislature provided 40 hour work weeks with guaranteed overtime after 44 hours.

                                ...Child Labor Laws.

Do you like "Equal Pay Act"?

Thank a Democrat...Introduced in 1963 by JFK and signed into law by Lyndon Johnson

Do you like the "Civil Rights Act"?

Thank a Democrat...Introduced by JFK in 1963...signed in 1964

Thank A Democrat... 


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